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Flute Chapters

Flute Chapters


I selected the pieces for this debut album to give a glimpse into the development of the flute repertoire through the years – the chapters in an evolving story. In the main, the tracks are by composers who
have a special association with the  flute. 

1. Earth - Takatsugu Muramatsu [8:56]
2. Souvenir des Alpes -  Theobold Boehm [5:07]
3. Syrinx - Claude Debussy [2:46]
4. Air Valaques - Franz Doppler [14:09]
5. Fantaisie - Philippe Gaubert [7:05]
6. Carmen Fantasy - Pablo de Sarasate [15:05]
7. Bonus Track:  The town I loved so well - Phil Coulter [3.58]

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